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Why Should You Take Git & GitHub Workshop?

  • In 2017, the GitHub community reached 24 million developers working across 67 million repositories.

  • GitHub is home to open source projects written in 337 unique programming languages.

  • 24 million people use GitHub to share code and build businesses across 200 countries.
  • Git

    Git is a VCS — Version Control System. What that really means is, Git helps us manage our project files. One of the primary things that git does and also the primary reason it exists is to keep track of the entire history of things that you are working on.

    This is especially helpful for software developers because when you are working on a project you first build a basic version of it and then try to improve it by adding new features (or) just experiment with things. This whole process of experimenting with new features is incredibly error prone and you might wanna revert back to your original code.

    Git is easy to learn and has a lightning fast performance. It outclasses other Version Control Systems like SubVersion with features like cheap and local branching, convenient staging areas and multiple workflows.


    GitHub is a web-based service for version control using Git. Basically, it is a social networking site for developers. You can look at other people’s code, identify issues with their code and even propose changes. This also helps you in improving your code. On a lighter note, it is a great place to show off your projects and get noticed by potential recruiters.In short, Git is Version Control System and GitHub is a hosting service for Git Repositories.


    Who Should attend?

    - Students
    - Developers
    - Architects
    - Managers
    - Faculties
    - Trainers

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    We will update the venue details via email once the candidate has been registered with us.

    Limited Seats, registration will be on first come-first serve basis. So, better register as early as possible.

    We will provide the workshop kit which will have all the workshop reference material.

    DAY 1

    07th September 2019

    Git is a version control system for tracking changes in computer files & coordinating work on those files among multiple users

  • Introduction to VCS & Workflow of Version Control
  • Git Setup and understanding Git
  • Git Command Line Instructions
  • Advanced Git
  • Git GUI Tools & Hosting Services (Sourcetree, Tower, GitHub, Bitbucket)
  • Reviews and Comments

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